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Women's energy and clothing

2019-03-09 23:08:00

In our difficult time, many women spend a lot of effort and money to be beautiful. It is not only a matter of cosmetology and plastic surgery, but also a matter of clothing. Who doesn't like shopping? Such, for sure, very little. There is even a joke that the G-spot is found in women at the end of the word shopping

The modern fashion offers a lot of models, styles that change every year as a kaleidoscope. Skirts Mini, MIDI and Maxi, Trousers Classic and Capri, leggings, suits, jeans boyfriends and skinny...

But few people wonder why in almost all corners of the world, in all cultures and in all faiths, our great wore long dresses.

But it was not just such a coincidence on a global scale.

Of course, they could also cut hem and show their slender legs. But why didn't they do it? 

Now I'm going to tell you this secret.

It turns out that a woman received a free flow of energy from the earth and from nature, she must wear a  bell-shaped skirtl, which will help to accumulate the energy of nature in the lower chakras. Of course for this she still had to walk on the ground in shoes made of natural material or barefoot, but sentiments energy, she could share it with her man. And he, being energetically filled by  his woman was both more productive and more dependent on her.

The energetically filled woman is healthier and more successful. And also it is more attractive also for men. Such a woman men feel as a potential source of energy and are drawn to it.

Of course, the presence of only one sexual partner is very important. A rare woman can have so much energy to fully few men. 

Of course, the talk of female energy will not end here. In fact, to be attractive and energetically filled, a little walk in a free dress without a belt barefoot on the ground. But believe that in the conditions of the asphalted city, it is dificult.

Try to experiment

Walk barefoot on the grass early in the morning when it is still damp from the dew. Let your dress be as long as possible, and lingerie made of natural material. Do not belt the dress  and let the energy flow freely through your body and through you. Imagine that through your feet you are receiving stringy, golden, like a honey stream of earth energy. Fill with this energy.

Then pay attention to your health and your feelings.

Do you notice the change?

Now imagine how to change your energy, how much will you become more filled, successful and attractive to men, if you wake up to do such morning walks regularly?

There's nothing to prevent you from trying this.

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