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Why are we sick?

2019-03-09 22:50:00

I think everyone cares about this question. Even if you are a young part health person who runs in the morning and eats only healthy food, you are not indifferent to your body.

Therefore the conversation about illnesses is necessary.

The topic is that the diseases lead to negative thoughts are not new. This is said by many and long ago. Tons of books are written from very simple and accessible, as Louise Hay, to the complex and understandable only to a narrow circle of specialists. Even there is such a science-psychosomatic.

Therefore, we will not repeat that negative thoughts lead to diseases.

We will just try to explain how it works as briefly as possible.

It happens this way.

Every day we spend energy in the process of life. And every day we fill it. Partly in the process of food, partly in communication. If we communicate with pleasant people, we are engaged in interesting business, eat healthy food, the energy that comes to the person is energy useful.

If we eat harmful food, it fills, but does not give energy. If we win a dispute or a conflict, we get satisfaction, but the energy of the opponent's resentment, which has pleased our self-esteem, this is  harmful energy.

And the negative thoughts bring special harm to us. Many face the fact they use negative thoughts  all day long and often do not even allow to fall asleep. But no one knows how much energy the body spends on this inner monologue.  We spent a lot of this energy.

Now imagine:

You have a difficult life situation, which you scroll day after day in the head, thinking, are in a state of stress, no positive communication you are not happy. And where does the body take energy to be healthy?

We cannot stop exhausting thoughts, so it limits the flow of energy to the internal organs. Hence the disease. One can further clarify that the subject of your negative thoughts directly depends on which internal organs are exposed to the deficiency of giving energy and suffer most.

For example, from offenses to men, women often suffer from gynecological diseases. From stress at work or in the family, suffers cardiovascular system and direct heart. From lack of finances or large financial losses, kidneys are most often sick. But this is already a topic for more detailed consideration.

Take care and be healthy and successful. 

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