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How to stop thinking negative

2019-03-09 22:59:00

The topic is that negative thoughts have a bad impact on health is not new. We constantly hear from all sides that positive thinking makes a person healthy happy and successful. The main thing is to learn to think about good, to believe in the best and everything will be fine.

And it seems clear. And we all agree that we can control our thoughts. For a while. And then the internal dialogue quietly slips to something that is most important to us. And the important thing, most often, is what  upsets us.

And now there is no control over thoughts. And there is no positive thinking, a continuous disorder.

So here will be a few recipes on this very important topic.

How to stop thinking

How to disable the internal dialog.

You may not get it right away. But if you acquire such a useful skill, you misplaced your body a lot of energy for its life, and this will allow him to stay as long as possible healthy.

The first way

Close your eyes. Sit comfortably. Disconnect the phone and warn that no one distracted you.

Imagine that you have instead of the brain, a balloon filled with cool morning air. In the breath, this balloon increases. On the exhale again decreases. Breathe so 3-5 minutes. Learn is an exercise. And then empty thoughts will leave you forever and you gain control over what you think.

Here is another way that is most effective

Second Way

Imagine that you are lying on a soft mattress that lies on the bottom of the boat. The boat is tied near the shore, on a quiet lake. Around the ancient trees, the forest. The boat is barely visibly swayed on the waves. To the right swings-inhale. Left-Exhale. Imagine this for five minutes. Control your breath, conversational on your breaths and exhale, and you will be able to stop the inner monologue.

As a rule, quite a few days of training, so that your brain is accustomed to silence and to the fact that you now control your thoughts, and not he decides what your brain wants to think. Take your brain under your control.

Be happy and successful.

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