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2019-10-06 00:09:00

1. Matrix theory

Matrix theory1.1. Over the past few years, the idea that we live in a virtual world has gained unprecedented popularity. Based on this concept, movies like "Matrix" had earned their fame and made us think about the world that we live in.

Our society became especially highly aware of this only with the wide spread of the Internet, computer games, quantum mechanics and, again, films on the subject. One of the loudest voices of innovation, Elon Musk, has even addressed this topic.

He said the likelihood that this world is just fake is very great. We may be skeptical about his statements, but there is plenty of evidence.

And before we figure out why, we need to think about the virtuality of our world, let's get back to the basics. Why our world can be... Illusion?

1.2. The idea of illusion and simulation of our world goes back to ancient Greeks. They called it just a dream or a fantasy. The same was said by many philosophers, such as Castaneda, Blavatsky, Bodyjar, Hegel and Aristotle.

The first thing to learn: our perception of reality is already separated from reality itself. Reality is just an electrical impulse that is interpreted by your brain. We perceive the world indirectly and imperfectly. If we could see the world as it is, there would be no optical illusions, no colorblind, no hallucinations.

1.3. The second argument in the theory of the illusion of our world is in the field of quantum physics. Experiments of scientists have shown that the elementary particle behaves differently, in the same conditions, depending on time.

Experiments were conducted by Thomas Young, who concluded that the fact of indirect observation affects the particle and begins to acquire not inherent to an earlier properties.

Object monitoring initializes it. As when you point the arrow in a computer game and activate the program.

But there are other interesting facts, indirectly confirming the theory of artificiality and virtuality of our world.

1.4. Experiments of Nobel laureate Alan Aspe showed that two simultaneously created photon, being at huge distances from each other, instantly react to changes in polarization of one of them. This effect was named Quantum teleportation.

A group of scientists led by David Weisland conducted an experiment with the atoms of Rubidium, which were able to slow down thirty times, which indirectly confirms the possibility of stopping the decay of any elemental making it eternal.

Aaron O. Connel conducted experiments with a metal plate in the consequence of which it was proved that in isolated conditions the object can be in an unlimited number of positions as if it is not material.

1.5. Nick Bostrom says that reality is something that no one really knows. However, the philosophers who study consciousness usually assume of its "independence from the substrate." This means that consciousness can depend on very many things-from acquired knowledge, from the level of intellect (computational power), mental and psychological state, individual details of the logical structure. But one of the conditions that are not required for consciousness is the biological tissue.

The embodiment of consciousness in carbon-based biological neural networks is not necessarily its property. In principle, the same effect can be achieved from silicon-based processors built into the computer. What we face every day.

1.6. Here we can note the scientific theory attributed to Einstein, that time does not exist, as a direct on which it is possible to mark a sequence of events and exists as an axis where events of the past, present and future, exist simultaneously. Therefore, the present and the future exist on this axis. What makes it possible to resort to Mantics and influence any event in time.

By the way, scientists have not yet given a clear explanation of what time is. From the mass of the definitive, the most accurate, is the definition of "time is what is measured by the device called the clock."

1.7. It is all open information and if you wish you can familiarize with experiences and works of these scientists in detail on the Internet. But even from a short review is understandable, our world is not what we think of it. It looks too much like a computer simulation. And our perception is inherently different from reality itself. What we call reality is just an attempt of our brain to process the incoming flow of sensory data, sensory experience.

All this means that our world is created by someone and that it exists and functions according to a certain program.

Which you can certainly hack and change your script.

2. Millennium in the power of magic

Millennium in the power of magic2.1. At all times, mere mortals were given only two ways, to change their destiny, legal-to come to his God and to address him with prayer, or "illegal”, fortune-teller. The address to the magician was not so long considered to be something wrong, although there was a time when fortune-tellers were elite and were considered the most enlightened members of society.

2.2. Here is one explanation of how prayer works.

Jesus said, "praying means sending light-and-white streams into space. If you do not get help and protection from heaven, it is only because you have not sent the light. The sky will not be engaged in that has extinguished. Do you want it to shine on your calls? Light all your fixtures."

Let us recall one of the religious claims: "God is everywhere and in everything." Yes, it is, but many people do not believe it, say: "If he is everywhere and in everything, why do we not see him?" Indeed, we cannot see the creator and his assistants, because everywhere and in all God, the Prophets, saints and other representatives of the higher forces are present on the quantum, that is invisible to the human eye. But they are in every particle of the universe; carries the information of the whole.

In each quantum, in every minute particle of light-which is a representative of forces of light-is the power and consciousness of the whole world. It is because of our prayer-the call that performs the role of communication and requests, the Quantum of light of the supreme forces rush into our fields.

Life is in the center of the universe, so it is natural that the mind can generate a thought that is at the frequency of God's vibrations.

2.3. The processes taking place during prayer connect the quantum energies of our biofield with the quantum of the light of the supreme forces to which our prayers are directed. Multiple, varied in strength, microdischarges release additional energy that enriches and seals our biofield, influencing reality.

But it is not infinitely long, but a certain time, because the size and density of aura are not permanent. Energy spent on various physiological processes in the human body, as well as events in your life and reactions to them, the aura is very thinning, and the power of thought, distracted by the daily, significantly weakens.

That is why, many eras believers have faced with the fact that to the Almighty do not reach all the appeals from the afflicted. i.e. not always prayer leads to the desired result.

2.4. How does Magic work?

One problem is the definition of magic. Aleister Crowley in his writings defines magic as "the art of making changes according to his own will." Another recognized authority in the field of magic, Violet Penri-Evans, also known under the pseudonym Dion Fortune, gives a much more interesting definition.

She believes that magic is "science and art to make changes of consciousness in accordance with its own desire." It is this definition that is most appropriate for understanding.

"Magic was considered a sacred science, inseparable from religion" in the oldest and most civilized and scientific peoples.

The Egyptians, for example, were one of the most sincerely religious peoples, and such people are still Hindus. "The magic lies in worshiping the gods and is achieved by worshiping them," spoke The great philosopher of antiquity Plato. Could a nation that has been firmly believing in magic for millennia be in the power of lies? Yes, and other peoples practicing shamanism, voodoo, ritual magic to be so long in the power of illusions?

And could it have been that generation after generation of the scientific and pious hierarchy, and many of the practicing mages have waged and led the life of self-torment, holiness, and asceticism, would continue to deceive themselves and the people, for the pleasure of simply keeping their followers Faith in "miracles"?

2.5. Of course, neither then, nor now, no one naively believe in miracles will not. But unfortunately sacral knowledge that have been available for millennia ago priests, hierophants and Magicians, and remained sacred.

But science does not stand still and what has been a mystery under the seven Seals, begins to leak to the general public

At this point we can safely say that magic is a change in the human Life Program, the impact on this program from the outside.

2.6. By entering into the trance state, that is, changing the electromagnetic vibrations of his brain, tuned to the frequency of vibrations of God, and in fact the frequency of vibrations of the universe and life itself, the magician could change the situation in the real world. Depending on the degree of initiation of the magician, his possibilities for entering the parallel dimension and the degree of correction of any problems at the request of the person change.

Let us not forget about the more shallow instruments, such as water, fire, earth, salt, candles or even parts of plants and animals. Each of these ingredients carries its own energy, which allows you to create a unique field for the ritual, which serves as a more specific vector for the chosen direction of desire.

In some practices, mages or shamans were in a trance state by smoking plants or ritual dances under the accompaniment of a tambourine or drums.

Modern science, replacing them invented binaural rhythms, and the teachings of New Age offer for entering into trance dynamic meditations.

2.7. In 2006 was released film "The Secret" and instantly acquires millions of supporters around the world. It reflected the teachings of Robert Stone, Jose Silva, Neil David Walsh and many others who called one of the driving forces of creation-visualization.

But unfortunately, gradually, the greatest secret revealed in the film, ceased as actively as after the release of the film, to excite people, so complex, postponed in time, and sometimes unattainable, was the effect of visualization.

The Millennium of Magic and the achievements of modern science have joined and yielded their fruits in the project of the RCM.

3. Our enemy and our ally are our brains.

Our enemy and our ally are our brains3.1. Your emotional state and the course of thoughts that your brain is occupied with most of the time is measured by the frequency known as "brainwaves". Scientists studying the work of the brain have determined that there are several certain states of brain waves.

Understanding these states, one can learn about the brain something very important and learn to use it at full capacity. As programs cleaning the computer from unnecessary files make it more powerful, so there are programs increasing the ability of the human brain.

3.2.1. Level Beta

This is the level at which your brain functions on a daily basis. You wake up, think about how to prepare breakfast, remember yesterday's conversations with colleagues, worry because of mental or financial troubles. All this time your brain functions in the range of 14 to 40 hertz. This is the level of wakefulness typical for modern man.

Non-trivial creative thinking, which contradicts logic, space and time, is impossible if only the left hemisphere of the brain is active. And the level of beta most often involves only the left hemisphere and almost does not affect the right.

More "high" beta waves arise when you find yourself in a stressful situation, when your thoughts are constantly busy thinking about problems in your life, conflict situations. This can lead to long-term problems because the brain continually produces stress hormones that deprives your brain of unique, data-based capabilities.

3.2.2. Alpha level

Alpha level is calmness, creativity, concentration, inner balance and good learning. In this state, the brain produces substances that fight against the negative effects of stress hormones. The main active substance, it is endorphins-hormones, improving your internal condition, natural painkillers, analogue of opiates. 8 to 13 Hz.

3.2.3. Theta level

It can be a meditation, or a fast-sleep phase where you will have slow brainwaves from 4 to 8 Hz.

At the theta level, you feel deep immersion, hear your intuition and feel unity with the universe. Physical sensations are almost imperceptible, although the automatic functions of the body continue to work, you do not feel your body; It seems to soar in a state of euphoria and bliss.

3.2.4. MU Rhythm

The frequency of vibrations is from 8 to 13 Hz and is very similar to the level of alpha, in which a person experiences a high and healthy brain activity. But it is different form of wave, and therefore can be observed only in 10-15% of individuals. It is connected with tactile and proprioceptive irritation and imagination of movement. Activates during mental exertion and mental stress.

3.2.5. Gamma Rhythm

The oscillation frequency is above 30 Hz. It is observed in solving problems that require the highest stress and concentration of attention.

3.3. And now the main thing

When you reach certain fluctuations in the brain oscillations, reproduced in a certain sequence, your brain falls into a previously uncharacteristic state, where it becomes your ally to solve your main task, for which you are in The RCM project, namely to change your program in the global matrix.

4. Tesla's Gift

Tesla's Gift4.1. One of the most mystical and most mysterious, is the history of the mysterious device-artifact belonging to Koven. There are many unexpected and mystical twists in this story, but it only confirms that the hand of destiny governs all of us.

In the year 1876, while studying at the college in Graz, Nikola Tesla met the future head of Koven Jan Gadoth. According to legend, they met at the card table, as both were fond of gambling, and then became friends, as the future head of Koven was also born in Croatia, then Austria-Hungary, as well as Nikola Tesla.

4.2. Student friendship soon ended, as Jan was fascinated by mysticism and was accepted in Koven, and Nicola became a student of the university in Prague.

On this story could end, but in the year 1884, Jan and Nicola accidentally collide in Paris. They spend a few evenings with friendly conversations, where each of them shares their plans, perspectives and research. This conversation left a lasting impression on Jan and the next few years, he dedicates experiments on the invention of a device that could affect the human brain using electricity. His experiments unfortunately did not have a significant success, though they were well accepted in the scientific community.

4.3. In 1891 Jan Gadoth passion the innitiation of the second stage in Koven and ceased its scientific activity. And in the year 1899 he unexpectedly receives a letter from Nikola Tesla. Former friends did not meet and did not correspond with that memorable meeting in Paris in 1884 year, therefore the letter with drawings was like a thunder among the clear sky. What prompted the great scientist to write an old friend will remain a mystery.

Unfortunately at that time in Kovene there was no one, capable to evaluate and realize the written in the letter, and Yan, as long ago departed from scientific activity was already far from new scientific tendencies and discoveries. Therefore, the creation of the greatest artifact of modernity was postponed to better times.

4.4. Much later, already in 1939, he came to Koven and underwent the innitialization of Heinrich True, a native of the secret laboratory in Gross-Lichterfeld (suburb of Berlin), where a secret laboratory was created, the father-founder of which was Walter Nicoli-head Intelligence of the German military ministry. In this laboratory, scientists of the Third Reich conducted experiments on the creation of Psychotronic weapons. Based on their developments and previously acquired knowledge, Heinrich True began work on the creation of a device for the activation of brain signals, the drawings of which described in his letter the great Nikola Tesla.

4.5. Unfortunately, from 1940 to 1946, in connection with the events of the Second World War, scientific research in the laboratories of Koven was not conducted, and some of the documentation on the studies already carried out was lost.

In 1946, Heinrich True returned to Transylvania, in Brasov, where he organizes a new laboratory at the expense of the Koven and restores the lost documents and results of experiments on the particles.

And only in 1960 Koven was given a model of the device, not simply allowing to change steadily impulses of the human brain, but also to do it at a distance.

4.6. But it has been many years, spent millions of dollars and finally several generations of scientists in Koven, who worked on the creation of the device, made it fantastically powerful.

Thanks to the improved idea of Nikola Tesla, this device can change the brain oscillations of a person at a huge distance. And, more importantly, multiply the impulse of the human brain by joining the Egregor of the whole of Koven.

The work ended only in 2015, which brought the doctrine of Koven to a new level and was the reason for the creation of the project RCM.

5. Koven as Egregor

Koven as Egregor5.1. In the Holy Scripture are the words of Jesus "where two or three are gathered in my name, there and I in the midst of them."

What can these words mean? That as soon as few people speak or concentrate on something important for them, there, among them, the energy of God arises, for he is all in everything.

Egregor (from Dr.-Grech. Ἐγρήγορος "Awake") — in occult and new (non-traditional) religious movements — "mental condensate", generated by thoughts and emotions of the group (community) of people and gaining independent existence.

5.2. Human is an energy-informational being in the energy-information world. Everyone remembers the law of conservation of energy, according to which it does not arise from nowhere and does not go nowhere.

Although the official science of Egregors is not explicitly described, there are experimental data proving their existence. They are available on the Internet in the public domain and you can familiarize with them.

It is also worth paying attention that bright, strong emotions and rituals serve as a key that helps to interact with the Egregor of any type. In religion there are prayers, temples, domes, special vestments of priests, icons, statues, scriptures and other attributes. From here the healing power of the bell ringing, prayers, ceremonial choral singing, pronunciation, proofreading. Of course, the Grand Energy Information force is working here.

5.3. At the moment, the updated doctrine of Koven is set up to create the most powerful Egregor, consisting of people from different countries, who have passed through change of the program and have received new opportunities. People who have successfully solved their problems and are ready to move on to solving problems of a more serious scale. The doctrine of Koven is set up to make the modern society in general and every inhabitant of the planet separate, healthier, more merciful and fair.

5.4. Now Egregor of Koven, which for centuries has stepped up his power using rituals of ancient magic, for the first time in the history of modern times, was able to attract the latest revolutionary scientific achievements for the solution of his problems. This made the abilities of the Koven mages virtually unlimited as a part of the personal energy of each of them.

Unfortunately, the power of the Koven artifact though is quite large, but is still limited. As your computer can not become more powerful, even consuming energy from three sockets, and artifact under the force to increase the capacity of the brain of a limited number of comers at this time.

And after all, who has been activated, for the first time and will need a guide that will help you get the most quickly desired results.

5.5. Therefore, at the moment, out of 31 000 free vacancies, calculated for new members of Koven, which were created initially, there are only 17000 and the number of them every day becomes less.

Perhaps scientists will be able to increase the power of the device, we are interested in that as many people change their program and become members of our Egregor. And in this direction scientists are working and even there is a serious progress. But we will be able to say about it only when the desired result is achieved.

5.6. But there is also very good news. The more those, whose hacker attack on the program of own life has led to success, the more participants in Koven and the more powerful Egregor Koven. And the more possibilities are available to everyone who is part of Egregor. The more complex and incredible tasks you can easily overcome. The stronger we all are together, the stronger each of us is separately.

Using free will, and changing his life, everyone will be able to participate in changing the program of Planet Earth.

6. Exit the Matrix.

Exit the Matrix6.1. Like the beam of a flashlight illuminating what it is directed to, so is the power of thought that concentrates us on what takes our attention. Draws to us what we broadcast outside. And gradually transforms our lives into what we think about our lives.

Many teachers at all times offered their way out of the closed circle of our being, many techniques exist since antiquity, helping to change the course of our thoughts or even stop it.

All this gave an opportunity for adherents of such exercises to temporarily adjust the program.

Somebody's been doing it for a short while, someone has a little longer.

6.2. Now it is possible to combine ancient techniques with the latest scientific research.

Now we understand that there, above the reality, where only priests and mages could operate before, when leaving the daily matrix, there is a higher information space. The past, present and future are equally represented in it. In it you can see all aspects of your being, anticipate future problems. As an experienced programmer can write a program in which will be all necessary for a high-quality and exciting game, and you will have the opportunity, in the virtual world to change the reality.

6.3. Leaving the matrix is like an adventure. In your world, you stay seated or lying for the duration of your session. And your loved ones can see you and even talk to you. This is undesirable and brings you back out of the process, but completely safe. Therefore, the exit sessions should be done only in full solitude and preferably in a closed room. Necessarily with disconnected means of communication, which can distract and interrupt the session at the most important place.

You will first be able to access only the first two levels of impact on reality.

6.4. In the first people who are far or close to your body, your presence can only feel and then not all. In the dark and in the transverse light, you will very rarely be able to see how the ghost-a light, weak contour or Phantom. The impact that you are going to make on the reality will not be very strong, but certainly effective.

It will be a way out in the first, the lowest and the most accessible layer, parallel to our reality and different from it only by absence of a temporal component that allows to make changes.

6.5. When you exit the matrix, you can not only influence the people in your world, but also with the help of a conductor to visit the higher layers.

At first it will be the second, higher layer in which you can rise by yourself or by means of a conductor. All changes in this layer are a little more important than the first. But the changes make it more convenient in it, because its characteristics it is best suited for this.

When you pick up where you can program events, you'll likely get your own unique experience, not like the experience of many others. Some see a book in which you can erase and write events anew. But most of newcomers get scripts on their laptop and change them directly.

6.6. Despite some similarities with visualizations, there are fundamental differences in the output of the matrix.

6.6.1. First. You will not be able to be in places that do not exist. You will not be able to travel in the worlds you have invented, any object in a parallel reality would have a projection or analogue in yours. You will not be able to create in your imagination beautiful pictures and alien landscapes to visit them. The places you will get will be completely beyond your control. Because you can change the reality only in our and our common world.

6.6.2. Second. Your output will not occur through your imagination, but by separating the so-called Phantom and moving it into an intangible parallel world that is timeless.

7. Stories from there.

Usually people who have got in parallel dimension, and having received the first experience of unlimited possibilities, for a long time not just are under the impression, but also absolutely lose the opportunity to tell about what happened to them, They are so overwhelmed by the emotions of their experiences.

They waving hands, resort to a complex facial expressions and besides the general delight to understand what they mean, it is almost impossible. To give a few descriptions of impressions "From there", I had to interview more than a hundred people who had received such experience in the last few months. It is necessary to clarify, that the first exit at each is accompanied by very personal experiences and therefore impressions at all, certainly different.

Here are two stories that are most typical for all newbies.

7.1. Talita Schroeder, 20 years old (Dortmund, Germany. Login Date 21.08.2018 d.)

At first, I was covered with an unaccountable feeling of happiness, than that similar to the reception of the drug. It was so indescribably beautiful that I decided to not open my eyes as long as possible, but my conductor called me and I decided to look where I had got. At first was a little disappointed, as it seems nothing especially changed. The world around me looked almost the same, maybe a little lighter and brighter. But after a few seconds the objects began to appear translucent, and people began to look more like outlines or ghosts.

I felt some unprecedented power and freedom. The conductor asked me what I wanted most and I said I wanted to make peace with my boyfriend who dumped me half a year ago and went to Australia. Not yet able to agree I was near him in some store, where he shifted from the boxes to the shelves of plastic bottles. The conductor said that I could try to form a ball of love, kindness and tenderness in my hand and put it in his heart. And then I saw his heart. It was like a cowboy boot and everything in the cracks. I began stroking it, sent a light of warmth and love into his head, into his heart. I showered him with my love as a stream of sequin, and when there was a clot in my hand that shone like a piece of sunshine, I sent him to his heart.

The conductor asked if I wanted to do something else, because the first time is better here for a long time. And I thought about my little brother, who was just at home, because he had a fever, he was sick with angina. I did not have time to think about it, as it was next to him. He seemed to feel something, but I saw no conductor. I was already without a clue, began to send to his throat the rays of love, light and warmth. It was not difficult for me, and even gave pleasure. In passing I decided to pat the sleeping on the cat's blanket, but the cat reacted to me as if everything was as usual, framed his head and roared. Which surprised me.

I didn't want to come back, but I had to. I agreed with the conductor that her help I will need one more time I have returned to my world, having accomplished only one mental step. Well, and getting a strange push.

It was as if I had been pulled out of the warm waters of the ocean somewhere in Miami, in the dank climate of Alaska, such was the contrast between the energies "here" and "there."

Twenty minutes I was sitting in a chair and smiling, trying to extend the feeling of happiness as much as possible, realizing that I could go back any minute, but still a little afraid of such an experiment.

Then I approached my brother and asked him about his feelings. He said the temperature fell and the medicine he took three hours ago suddenly acted like that. I thought it might be a coincidence, because there was no message from the ex-boyfriend.

So it took a few days and only late in the evening a letter came to my mail. He wrote that he thought a lot and that he wanted to try to give our relationship another chance. I remembered how thick-skinned he had a heart and understood why it took so long. And realized that suddenly I was cured of feelings for him.

That's it for now. I wait when my guide will be released, after all, she has a lot of newcomers like me, then I will try again.

7.2. Dean Popovich, 44 years (Hungary, Kosice, date of entry 09.10.2018 G.)

I needed money to pay the loan fee for the house, so I came to the RCM. The way out to another reality I did not like at first, as if went through Kissel. A little strange feeling, but not unpleasant. Then everything changed and became generally super.

The conductor said that my program, in the context of money, is easiest to rewrite in the book of Fate. Somehow not in the computer. Said this is the way we'll try next time.

He gave me a pen and showed me in the book My name and there was an inscription about what is happening to me now. I corrected everything and hurried back to see what would happen.

It's been four days. The bank gave a reprieve, the work received an unexpected increase, which increased my income by 30%. Thought that on this improvement ended and was a little disappointed. But this morning it turned out that my father had won the lottery ticket money and was ready to give it to me. As for me, so many coincidences do not happen, so the program works.

There was a funny moment, the phone rang during the exit and I turned it off. So I was in two places at the same time, and I felt great.

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