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Break up spells with lemon

2019-10-08 19:45:00

This solar citrus has special magical and mystical properties that have been used throughout human history since ancient times in all regions where they grew or where they were supplied. 

In the use of this citrus created various breaking life, which were practiced by the magicians of antiquity. 

The ancient magic of the Mediterranean and Africa, voodoo magic, Far Eastern and Middle Eastern magic, medieval European magic, the magic of the new world of the new age all of them have in their arsenal different effects using citrus fruits. Even in some original Scandinavian (Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, English) magical recipes used these healing yellow fruits and various variants of the free. 

The magic of citrus is primarily the magic of purification, spiritual and spiritual purity, chastity and friendship without sexual relations. But citrus fruits were also used for negative love magic. And for many other purposes. 

Citrus in magic has an unusually strong magical property to clean the fields of the room from negative energies. 

According to ancient Greek myths, Hesperides, the daughter of Atlas, guarded golden apples in their gardens. As punishment for the murder of his own children and children of his brother, King Eurisfei instructed Heracles to deliver these golden apples to Greece. Hercules found the gardens of Hesperid, but frightened by the big hundred-headed dragon, persuaded Atlanta to get them, and in the meantime supported the sky for him. This is considered the eleventh feat of Hercules. Those golden apples were oranges, from them all the fruits of citrus first the ancient Greeks, and later botanists also began to call "hesperidiium" or "hesperididous." 


In ancient times it was believed that lemon has an unusually strong magical property to clean the room from negative energies. 

Here's one of the recipes "Take a bright yellow healthy, delicious-smelling fruit. Peel the peel, then dry it and spread it all over the room. Eat the pulp (you can make lemonade). Pour the seeds on the table, the seed that will be closest to you, put in a pot. After a while you will grow a tree. This tree, even being very small, will magically clean the energy fields of the room, clean the aura of people working and living in this room." It was also believed that such a tree could be a four superimposed on the house. 

Lemon tree has always been considered sacred. Since ancient times, people have believed in the power of lemon wood, which can attract you abundance and prosperity. To do this, it was necessary to put a plant in the south-eastern part of the house. After all, this part is a zone of wealth. According to experts, you only need to wait, read a special life and after a few days, you will be lucky. Maybe the salary will increase or you will fall an unexpected inheritance, or maybe you will win the lottery. 

The first profit that will fall into your hands, it is better to donate to those in need. After all, in this way you will open the so-called "money channel" through which wealth will be poured. 

In addition, according to experts in this area, this fruit can help those who do not have a job. Since it gives a person the necessary energy, makes you get out of the usual circle of communication and encourages to make new acquaintances. 

Here's another recipe that was in service with the village magicians - "To cleanse yourself of envy or other negative energy pressuthans on you, try to wash it off with a tincture of yellow citrus. Take one 

fresh fruit. Cut it in half, squeeze the juice out of the halves and pour it with 3 liters of cold water. Put half of the citrus in the solution. The fruit must be infused for at least 3 hours. Wash your head in the usual way. Then hold the hair and scalp in a pre-cooked lemon solution for 3 minutes. Carefully rinse the hair in this solution. Hair can't be dried with a hair dryer. This procedure can be performed once a week for 4 weeks in a row. Then take a break for a month." 

Village magicians believed that the liver often suffers when hovering over various witchcraft. Liver damage usually causes severe health problems. Everything suffers. First of all, the nervous system. The mental state of a person changes very much. Man becomes easily excitable, disturbing, harmful, aggressive. The cause of liver damage can be various microbial and viral infections. Often these are known to science microbes and viruses. But quite often to cause liver damage can unknown to science pathogens (the simplest parasites, microorganisms and viruses, which scientists have not yet been able to identify). To help a person in such a situation read healing spells. 

There is an ancient belief to avoid the impact of negative forces (evil eye, corruption), you need to make beads of lemon seeds. It was recommended to do it - "Eat lemon, and collect the bones. The bones should be an odd amount. Make beads out of them. To do this, you need to string on a white thread lemon bones. The first time such beads can be worn on Wednesday morning. And be sure to go out in these beads on the street, in the sun. Beads should be charged with solar energy. The beads must be charged with solar energy for at least one hour. In the future, beads can be worn constantly or from time to time. But be sure to charge once a week the beads of lemon seeds in the sun." Such beads were also superimposed on the night. 

In order to raise the body's defenses and not to get sick in winter colds or inflammatory diseases, it is necessary to regularly use a medicinal drink of lime and honey. Cooking this drink does not require any special time costs. Take one yellow fruit, crush it into cubes and fill 2 liters of water at room temperature. Add a sprig of mint and 1 tbsp to the solution. spoonful of honey. Stir well. The healing drink is ready. He was also superimposed with a therapeutic spell. Drink one glass of medicinal drink in the morning, and during the day drink the drink at will. Drink this drink yourself, drink them your children, parents and other relatives. And then everyone in your family will be healthy. 

On the Internet you can find a lot of pictures of this yellow fruit and a lot of what with its participation. There are no citrus fruits in the rituals of the RCM project, but in ancient centuries the spells with oranges, lime or lemon were undoubtedly popular. 


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Break up spells with lemon
This solar citrus has special magical and mystical properties that have been used throughout human history since ancient times in all regions where they grew or where they were supplied.