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Tarot readings and Transylvanian magic

2019-02-17 15:23:00

Strictly speaking, Taro is not the main tool for Mantiki in Transylvanian Covena. The main runes are Scandinavian and Aryan Futarka. But it does not mean that the tarot is not in motion. Quite the opposite. Mantica Tarot is so bright, original and tested for centuries, that it is used often and with pleasure.

In addition, in the Covena improved and verified techniques of Tarot readings were used during the Middle Ages, even when usage of tarot cards was punished by burning at the stake.

Those, gathered together knowledge of generations of magicians, were embodied in unique layouts, each of which can change any situation at any moment. And some, can change the longer and more important aspects of your life or life itself.

Such layouts are fundamentally different from the rituals, because in it, as on the chessboard, you can orchestrate and the behavior of the partners and the course of events simultaneously, to make many aspects of the situation to move in the right direction for you.

These are not just unique techniques for correction of any life situations, but also a reliable tool that you will enjoy using once you know its unlimited possibilities.

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