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Dark magic for every day

2019-02-17 15:23:00

For some reason it is believed that using dark (combat) magic you cause evil and it is bad. Not exactly. No one has yet responded with dark magic to goodness. By the rule, a person is caused a lot of evil before deciding to answer in the the same way.

Therefore considering yourself evil and feeling guilty, for applying dark magic is not necessary. Even more so that all our rituals are designed to be used in the direction of damage to the dark energy that you have already received. Therefore, you simply return the inflicted evil.

Moreover, sometimes there is no other possibility to answer the offender. And a huge plus of magic techniques in the fact that your abuser starts having same big problem, which you were experiencing before by his/her doing. The evil caused by you is anonymous, which is also very valuable.

Of course you can look at the work of your hands and tell your enemy that you are the one causing his/her problems. But it is not necessary to do it, as any curse can be removed. Some are hard to remove, but it is also possible. Therefore, it is not recommended to even hint that the problems of your enemy have their roots in magic. Let him continue to experience those torments that were felt by his/her doing.

Use dark magic without remorse and restraint. But only when you are sure that you are restoring justice. Otherwise the effect of rituals and induced damage will be weaker and less long-lasting. It should be enough, for the one who initiated the spell or a treat, to think about , whether their doing was justifiable and has not offended someone.

Use Dark combat magic and evil will be punished.

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